Awkward Mom: Proper Pants


People, let me tell you ‘bout my best friend…lounge pants. Maybe you call them pajama pants, yoga pants, or comfy pants; Either way, you know the pants I’m talking about. The pants you could live in forever and not have a single regret. The pants that say, “I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone today, and I’m happy about it.”.

I have more lounge pants than “real pants”. Why would it be any different? I live in these things! My husband often encourages me to go buy clothes for myself. (Isn’t that sweet?) I inevitably show up with one pair of jeans and 3 new lounge outfits. I’ve come to the conclusion that wearing those stretchy comfies is just part of who I am now. Besides, I’m home wayyyy more than I’m out in public. So it makes total sense to invest in what I wear most.

On the occasion that I do have to leave the house and begrudgingly put on “real pants” (a.k.a jeans), it’s a chore. After wearing pajama pants all day, jeans feel like chains. It’s like someone has put a vice grip on my hips, and I hate it. I feel like a three year old who has just been told that she cannot wear her ballerina costume to school. It just feels so wrong.

And, I’ll be honest, there are times when I have worn my comfy pants in public. Yes, I’m that person that shows up to the gas station in lounge pants, and I’m not sorry about it. Older adults look on me with total disgust when I do this. I can’t help but feel sorry for them. They must not own any comfy pants, or they’d be wearing them everywhere, too.

But, alas, there are places where I just can’t bring myself to show up wearing yoga pants. Like the doctor’s office, or the grocery store, or my kids school (Not intentionally, anyway.). Unfortunately, when it comes to loungewear, there is a time and a place. I’m very well aware of that. So jeans it is. I may have, however, found a loophole in the

‘proper pants game’.

While shopping at my local department store I found something amazing. Let it be known that when I was younger (before kids and the housewife years) I was a name brand enthusiast. I had to have the most popular brand of jeans, and they had to fit my rear just right. I rocked those years, but now they are over and a new era has begun! I was browsing through the womens clothing department looking for real pants (ugh!) when I found them. Elastic Waist Jeans. I always thought they were for the older ladies, but when I tried them on I was in heaven. They fit good in all the right places, and I felt like I was back in my pajamas. Maybe old ladies had it right all along. Why would they keep a secret like this from us?!

So now, when I have to leave my house, I have no problem slippin’ into my granny pants. No one needs to know how comfortable I am with my elastic waist jeans. I’m wearing proper pants and that’s all they need to know.